About Us

Sea Pearl Logistics Pakistan, offering global coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We focus on every shipment and we pledge to you the highest level of on-time performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With 12 years of experience Sea Pearl aims to give you the best service at the most convenient costs for your Imports & Exports by Air, Sea, Land & Rail through its extensive connections from all over the World.

On the platform of Sea Pearl Logistics, we are committed to provide you excellence in every phase of Freight Transportation and Logistics. Our global services provide you with a complete worldwide Transport and Distribution solution, no matter what ever is the size, weight, origin or destination.

Sea Pearl Logistics is having a team of professional staff, who is specialized, in their own fields. Our mission is to make our customers see us not only as a logistics company but a trustworthy business partner.

Today, in a rapidly changing and complex world, we are confident and ready to meet with the challenges of the new millennium and to serve our most valued customers. Furthermore, our commitment to our clients and the integration of personalized professional services and emerging technologies will continue to set us apart.

Import Documents Required:

Export Documents Required:

Procedure for Customs Clearance

Air Freight Export:

It usually takes four hours for the completion of the customs clearance process at the Airport. There is a 24 hours cooling period before a consignment is boarded onto the aircraft, for safety measures.

SeaFreight Export:

It usually take around 48 hours for the customs clearance of Export consignments. The goods must reach the Karachi Seaport well in time to meet the vessel sailing schedule.

AirFreight Import:

The Import Customs clearance at the Airport may take upto two days. The shipments are inspected and values are assessed on C&F basis. The importer has to pay import duties/taxes before getting the release of the goods. The Compulsory taxes include Customs duty, Sales tax, Income tax and Civil Aviation fee.

SeaFreight Import:

In the case of seafreight import consignment, 2-3 days may be utilized for customs clearance. The process is similar to that of Airfreight import, but more time consuming due to the larger size of the consignments and the revenue involved. The documents are required at least 7 days before the arrival of the vessel for speedy Transshipment of goods.

Perishable Goods(Imports / Exports):

Pre-Customs clearance is possible for Perishable goods but needs prior arrangement with Customs Authorities and can be done around the clock.